Why Choose the Permaculture Method of Farming

Why Choose the Permaculture Method of Farming

Let’s be honest, many farmers have heard about permaculture, but few people truly understand the purpose and many benefits of this system. It’s true,permaculture is still a relatively new concept and even the definition of the word is up for interpretation but at the same time, the many benefits are more than enough reason to choose the permaculture method of farming.

But what does this mean exactly?

Well,permaculture is a new way to develop a more productive environment and take massive action to improve the sustainability of what we do. With this in mind,although this framework is closely associated with developing agriculture systems, permaculture is not exclusive in any way.

Let’s take a closer look at permaculture and why this new system is perfect for farming:

Defining Permaculture and the Importance of Sustainability

Permaculture is a word of many hats and the definition is somewhat different depending on whom you ask. However, permaculture is essentially a way to create a core system in which the primary needs of an objective can be met without having a negative impact on the environment. Whether this objective relates to landscapes, housing, business or communications, the framework has the same overall objective to co-operate with nature and improve the way we live in the process.

In this sense, permaculture is a way of design as the needs for each objective are different and will change according to various factors including landscape,location or even personal preference.

But what has this got to do with agriculture?

As you know, the agriculture industry places great importance on sustainability. Needless to say, the productivity of agriculture would decline without this specific care, attention and effort. Climate change and an increased demand for food are just two factors for this perceived importance and in case you might be asking yourself, reduced emissions and natural resource protection are just two examples of these sustainability efforts in agriculture.

For this reason, permaculture is closely associated, but certainly not exclusive,to agriculture. After all, we need sustainability to preserve every resource from food and housing to every system of energy. Simply put, there is still plenty of room to reduce waste in every area and permaculture can be used to get much more return from resources, in spite of using significantly less. 

 Why Choose Permaculture Method ofFarming

Now,that’s not to say permaculture is not specifically applicable to agriculture because the truth is, permaculture offers some very pragmatic benefits to farming in particular.

Here are just a few reasons to choose a permaculture method of farming:

Permaculture Uses Science to Improve Organic Farming

Permaculture is backed by evidence based decision-making and scientific study. With this in mind, it makes sense that scientific methods should be used to improve and better understand farming. For example, aside from ecosystems, science has understood minerals, science has understood genes, science has understood astrology and almost everything else in the world. More specifically,permaculture uses these scientific observations to provide tools to assist with organic farming.

Increased Productivity Without Negatively Impacting the Environment

Whether you want to take a more conscious approach to farming or simply improve the current state of revenue, permaculture can increase productivity without having a negative toll on the environment. In other words, permaculture can use the various mechanisms of nature to their full potential while ensuring the most caring capacity to Mother Nature and the earth.

Permaculture Can Establish Alternative Methods

When the right system is in place, permaculture can be used to establish alternative methods which can improve the farming process. For example, permaculture can identify crops that can replace or assist existing crops and increase revenue without causing any negative impact to the environment.

Permaculture Can Be Used to Improve Every Aspect of Farming

At the very core of permaculture, you should understand that every eco system in farming is the very same. In other words, every eco system has the same requirements for photosynthesis or development and while the exact species may differ, the way we harness, nurture or improve these systems is largely the same. As part of the process, permaculture takes a series of core and systemic functions and adapts this framework to every aspect of farming from pesticide use and soil fertility to food, income, expenses and the ease of managing the entire system.

As you can see, permaculture is far more than a trend and more related to design than just theory. On the other hand, it would also seem that permaculture is a still largely an opportunity to create new ways of living and establish a reliable framework to improve each and every aspect of farming.

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