5 Reasons Why We Should Plant Endemic (Indigenous) Trees

5 Reasons Why We Should Plant Endemic (Indigenous) Trees

Endemic or indigenous vegetation is important for many reasons. But we have tried to compile only five reasons why it is imperative that we protect and plant more endemic trees. Endemic vegetation comprises of plants, scrubs,and flowers which have been in particular areas for thousands of years. Each region of the planet has its own endemic variety. Below are few arguments why we should actually plant endemic trees:

1. Endemic Trees have already adapted to the environment.

Endemic trees have populated many acres of land and created huge native forests all over the world. They know the terrain and actually adapted themselves to the climate. They not only know how to survive but ultimately help other species to survive.

2. Endemic vegetation brings back both flora and fauna of a particular region.

Not only does endemic vegetation bring back other particular variety of plants, they also bring back the endemic wildlife of a region. Many of the wildlife will only be able to breed and prosper if there are endemic trees present. As such an ecosystem is created or maintained.

3. The ecosystem can be restored

Most of the Earth’s ecosystem has actually been disturbed by so-called  civilization for houses, but mostly by farming. With climate change and overpopulation, we have destroyed most what is left of the native forests.As such in many places the endemic forests are gone. Restoring endemic forests or plants, will create an ecosystem which matches with both the climate and the environment as well and as such can help with the problems related to climate change.

4. There is a sense of pride to see that we can bring back native forests.

By planting endemic plants, we are actually helping bring back an eco- system which was the actual ecosystem of a certain place. We should feel a sense of pride in doing that.

5. Creating your own forest.

The satisfaction of creating your own forest is actually priceless. Imagine being able to recreate what nature has been creating for years unfortunately destroyed by humans. Five to ten years later, when you see how the ecosystem in your surroundings has changed, you will actually be pleased.

We hope all of you will actually consider planting at least three endemic trees in your garden.

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