While the word “permaculture” may sound like a big word, all it means is just permanent culture. It was actually made known by an Australian named Bill Morrison who realized that our actual system of agriculture is not sustainable and too “chemicalized”! Although permaculture uses techniques known for thousands of years, it has actually made a come back in the last few years only. I found that this system of agriculture far easier and better than anything I have experienced in my life. F Y I I am a lawyer by profession but I like farming and planting trees as a hobby and a way to help society. While trying conventional ways of growing food, I found it too demanding to actually plant trees and vegetables. I was getting ready to give up because I had to keep feeding the plants. Then suddenly I discovered Permaculture and I can tell you that it is one of the best discoveries I made.

I realized that it is not the plant that you need to feed but the soil and once it is done it is almost permanent with low maintenance. With no experience in agriculture and farming, I was able to produce the things you see in this video. I did not use any chemical fertilizers, in fact, I just used some compost, kitchen leftovers, and water. As such I made it a duty to spread the word and the concept of permaculture wherever and whenever I can. It is actually easier to go permaculture than regular agriculture. These are the reasons as a “lay person” why Permaculture is good for beginners and ultimately for all the farmers:

  1. Since permaculture mimics nature, once you plant something, it is quite low maintenance.
  2. You do not need to keep adding fertilizers to your crops. For example the hugglekultur method, where wood is used. You just plant on the top and wait for the wood to decay slowly creating slow compost and keeping moisture. You also have the Back to Eden method of using wood chips and Ruth Stout method of using hay. In fact, they are healthy methods of planting and can actually be fun. See other videos how it is done. 
  3. The best part of Permaculture is that you don’t have to plow the land. In fact, you do not disturb the land and the millions of lives/microorganisms under it. It is simply a no dig gardening. In turn, the lives under it such as worms, bacteria, and other microorganisms do all the work for you.
  4. Mulching which is putting wood chips, dried leaves or hay around the plants helps in different ways such as reducing weeds, creating automatic compost and retaining moisture. Therefore no need to weed anymore. Well at least very rarely and with mulch weeding is a pleasure! 
  5.  You seldom have to irrigate unless necessary. Once in a while if there is no rain, you need to irrigate. Some people have not irrigated their crops for months and even years.
  6.  It is permanent in nature. In fact, you can get multiple yields on some plants if you do it properly.
  7. You can create a food forest and use the trees for shade and ultimately have birds and other animals coming on your property. 
  8. Last but not least, it is totally organic. You can actually eat ‘clean’ food. In fact, I realized that my tomatoes, strawberries, lettuce, green onions, cilantro, etc. taste so different and better. In return, you’re helping the environment.

 As you can see Permaculture is not only good for the environment, but it is also the lazy gardening and a cheap method. Most of the materials like leaves, wood chips and hay are often free and readily available. So I urge you all, please try permaculture. Note that permaculture is not only about farming but a way of life. It is one of the only way we might be able to save what is left of planet earth while producing food for the needy. People like Geoff Lawton have been able to green the desert in many parts of the world using permaculture. As such we know it works. Remember permaculture is something that will not only help you and your family but the planet. I am trying with a group of activists to bring permaculture into light. I would appreciate your help on the matter. Please subscribe to our channel and share with your friends and family.

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