About Us

One Tree, One Life is an initiative by a team led by Shah Peerally in Mauritius. We realize that traditional farming has exhausted the Earth’s natural resources and is unsustainable. We believe that permaculture is the solution to both healthy living and sustainable farming.

Our Philosophy

Long ago nature invented a highly sophisticated “machine” that could actually capture 100% of solar energy and convert it into oxygen. That “machine” is called a tree. With climate change due to unbearable level of CO2 in the atmosphere, it has become our duty to create more of those machines. In simple terms we need to plant more trees and protect those which are still alive. We believe that we cannot save the planet without saving the trees. However, with population explosion around the world, we need to plant trees which not only protect the environment but also produce food for the people. Reconciling the two has been difficult until some people from Australia including Bill Morrisson and lately Geoff Lawton came up with a concept that mimics nature: Permaculture.

What is Permaculture?

Permaculture for short is a combination of the word permanent and agriculture, hence ‘permaculture’. It is the process of mimicking nature to plant food ultimately creating a food forest. In fact, many of the techniques are ancient but yet so relevant today.

Many of us believe that permaculture is not only an agricultural system but an entire way of ecological living. In fact, it includes almost a zero waste society where oxygen is not depleted and yet the entire world can eat. In the words of Geoff Lawton: “Overpopulation does not scare me – I am sure we need all the people we can get, on a positive mode, at restoring our planet’s ecosystem”.

We at one One Tree One life we believe this is totally possible. We just need optimistic people who are willing to do their part. So let us all do our part in “restoring the ecosystem”